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Rebecca “Monty” Montgomery

Rebecca (Monty) Montgomery loves spending time in nature, and has a unique ability as a nature and landscape photographer, to share locations and experiences with the viewer.

From an early age, Monty was drawn to the outdoors. Growing up in a small North Texas town, public lands were not readily accessible, and Monty would escape through magazines like Texas Highways and National Geographic, and nature calendars by David Muench and Galen Rowell. Joining the Sierra Club in high school brought images of new destinations, and after completing one year at the University of North Texas, Monty could wait no longer to see some of those places personally.

Colorado was the first big move away from home. The Rocky Mountains were just as grand as they appeared in the magazines. California was next, and it was just as incredible. Both states have larger than life reputations for stellar natural scenery, and they certainly delivered.

Then Oregon, which happened to be where Monty chose to live the longest, was never as high on the list as others but it certainly should have been. Cait and Monty spent years exploring the mountains, high desert, and coastline of Oregon. So many beautiful rivers and waterfalls, miles of sandy beaches and the ice cold water of the Pacific, and trees as far as the eye can see.

Cait and Monty now reside back in Texas, and frequently spend time on both coasts.


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